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Why Should I GAAA with Knot Another Hat?

Why Should I GAAA with Knot Another Hat?

The Great American Aran Afghan (GAAA) is a large project comprised of 20 individual squares knit in traditional aran patterns, sewn together into an afghan complete with a cabled border. It is both a challenge and a pleasure to knit, and is a major accomplishment for any knitter who undertakes it. 

In this class, I will break down this project into manageable "bites" for 18 months, gradually building in difficulty, helping you build your heirloom afghan.

I get it - a class this long is a BIG commitment. But I really think you'll be happy you jumped in. Here's why: 

The first time I taught this class, I certainly had experience cabling, and I also had experience reading charts. But working through these varied squares really cemented some key skills for me. For one, I re-charted each square for the class. Unfortunately the book does not present the square instructions in the most easy-to-follow format. Each square's instructions lists all individual chart motifs separately and you have bounce around the page as you work to keep track of each motif's progress. I don't fault the publishers for this, because I understand that in the interest of saving space they had to do it this way. However, it makes following along very difficult, especially for a new chart reader.

So, for class, I take this: 

And convert it to this:
I created all of the cable and chart symbols to exactly match the symbols in the book in case anyone needs to cross-reference (with one exception: mine are color-coded to be easier to read). Then I compiled all the individual charts into into a nice big chart that shows the entire width of the square. I added all the symbol definitions below the chart for easy reference on one piece of paper (usually). For me, it is so much easier than having to reference each individual motif, then the symbol map for each cable, then the written definition of each cable, every time you need to work across the row.

Another skill that is refined and cemented throughout knitting this project is cabling without a cable needle. I started on my first square, and never looked back. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've had to use a cable needle in the last 20 years. Our class will also cover how to cable without a cable needle so that you, too, can cable with ease without an extra tool.

The best part of all of this? When you are done expanding your skill set and knitting these squares, you will have an heirloom afghan so show off your hard work and dedication.
Think this all sounds amazing? Head on over to sign up now. Here are the knitty gritty details: 
  • Course enrollment is open from now through December 15th. 
  • Required yarn: 4000 yards worsted weight
  • Once enrolled, you will have access to full details on yarn and tool recommendations
  • Your first Square lesson will be available January 5, 2023. Square lessons will include a chart, notes specific to that month's square, and a video walk-through of the ins and outs of knitting that square. Demonstration videos of certain techniques will be included when necessary.
  • Each subsequent lesson will be released every month for the next 19 months. The book includes patterns for 24 squares; only 20 are needed in the afghan (there is are two optional pillows that use 4 squares). We will cover 18 squares in depth, with the 6 additional squares being presented at the end of the course with our custom charts and notes. In addition to the 18 individual square lessons, and the 6 additional squares, we will also cover knitting the border and the final assembly of all pieces.
  • Monthly subscribers who let their subscriptions lapse will lose access to the course 30 days after their last successful payment.
  • All charts are downloadable, so I recommend saving them and printing them each month.
  • After the course is complete you will have access to all course materials and the virtual classroom indefinitely. 

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  • This was the best way to stay motivated thru a really large project! The charting was great, the tips were great, and I really enjoyed the class and the whole process….do not hesitate! Sign up and make this beautiful blanket!

    Kim Pellissier

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