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guide to yarn weights & gauges

Lace * (0) Fingering (1) Sport (2) DK (3) Worsted (4) Bulky (5) Superbulky (6)
Knit Gauge to 4" 33-40 sts 26-32 sts 23-26 sts 20-24 sts 16-20 sts 12-15 sts 6-11 sts
Knit Gauge to 1" 8.24-10 sts 6.5-8 sts 5.75-6.5 sts 5-6 sts 4-5 sts 3-4.75 sts 1.5-2.75 sts
Needle Size Range (metric) 1.5-2.25mm 2.25-3.25mm 3.25-3.75mm 3.75-4.0mm 4.5-5.5mm 6.0-8.0mm 8.0-15mm and +
Needle Size Range (US) US 000-1 US 1-3 US 3-5 US 5-6 US 7-9 US 10-11 US 13-35
Crochet Hook Range (US) variable A, B, C D, E F, G H, I J, K, L M, N, O, P, Q

*Lace weight yarns are often worked deliberately on larger than called-for needles/hooks to create open, lacey stitches, and don't fall neatly into one range of gauges and tool sizes. 

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