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That's right: it is Gumball Sale time!

This one-day sale will be on Saturday, February 10th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Grab your savings by taking a turn at the gumball machine (virtually OR in-store - see below). The available gumballs will range from 15% to 100% off (yes, 100% off)! There are a few rules:

  • Only one gumball per customer.
  • You must select everything you would like to purchase before selecting your gumball. Selecting your gumball is the last step prior to payment. NO ADDING TO YOUR PURCHASE, NO SUBTRACTING.
  • Minimum discount is 15%, maximum discount possible is 100% (excludes classes, events, consignment items and gift cards).

When the gumballs are gone, so are the discounts!

Web customers: Submit your order between 6:00AM-3:00PM PT on Saturday, February 10th, and we will have a stand-in take a turn at the gumball machine to earn your extra discount! (Your order will be authorized for the full amount pre-discount, but we will apply the discount before finalizing your charges and fulfilling your order).

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