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chiaogoo twist blue shorties, x-flex set (US4-8)

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ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Set! Not only does ChiaoGoo offer the world's smallest interchangeables but they now offer the world's shortest interchangeables as well!

The Twist Shorties is a 2" and 3" interchangeable tip system allows knitters to make 9" (23cm) through 14"(36cm) circulars - including differentials.

The X-Flex Blue Set contains sizes US 4-8 (3.5-5.0mm) in 2" and 3" stainless steel tips. The new blue, X-Flex cables are just like the red cables with more flexibility. There are 10 total pairs of tips, three SMALL blue cables (5", 6", and 8"), six stitch markers, two connectors, two end stoppers, tightening keys, and a needle gauge all packed in a blue zippered case.

Check out Jill's review of the Chiaogoo Shorties here: 

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