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CIY: crochet it yourself

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CIY: Crochet it Yourself: 15 Modern Crochet Designs to Stitch and Wear
by Emma Wright

With 15 beautiful designs, CIY: Crochet-It-Yourself takes you through all the steps and techniques that you need to master and refine your crochet skills.

In this fresh and modern guide to crochet, Emma Wright shows you how to create your own stylish crochet collection. Once you have mastered the basics, Emma will show you how to confidently play with colour and pattern to make clothes that suit you style and add your own creative flair to.

Through the chapters (Jumpers, Cardigans and Accessories), learn how to build on your technique and move away from crochet for the home. Emma offers up hints and tips, as well as clear step-by-step images to help refine your skill as you take on this new challenge.

Through Emma’s clear instructions and expert tips, CIY: Crochet-It-Yourself will show you how to enter the wonderful world of crochet, whether you are new to the craft or already have a couple of projects under your belt.

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ISBN: 9781787138681
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 25cm x 20cm
Weight: 630g
Category: Craft and DIY
Publisher: Quadrille
Published: 03 January 2023

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