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** 8/2/23: Thank you, so, so much to everyone who contributed. KR extends her gratitude, she is truly touched. And, she is knitting. 😌 -Sarah**

On July 3, one of our dearest local customers lost everything in the Tunnel 5 fire here in the Columbia River Gorge. KR is an experienced knitter and had gorgeous sweaters, blankets, and of course a beautiful yarn stash that have all been lost (in addition to all of her tools and accessories). She was also halfway through knitting 4 (FOUR!!) queen-sized afghans for her grandchildren, which are all gone. 

She is determined to get back to knitting, and as we all know just making the simple knit stitch can be a salve when we are hurting. 

Here at Knot Another Hat we are collecting funds that will be entirely used to purchase a gift card for KR, so she can begin to rebuild a little of what she has lost. Thank you to all who have reached out and sent well wishes - we are passing them all along! 

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