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gleener on the go travel fuzz remover

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Smaller than a glasses case, this travel fuzz remover is compact enough to take anywhere that last minute wardrobe touch-ups are needed. 3 fabric-safe edges eliminate pilling while a built-in lint brush dusts away pet hair and dandruff. Keep one in your purse, car, briefcase or desk drawer.

3 Fabric-Safe Edges: Each carefully designed edge targets a different kind of fuzz ball - from big and bulky to medium and super fine - reviving natural fibers, synthetics and blends.

Edge #1: Ideal for big & bulky pills like those found on heavy woolens, blends and synthetics.
Edge #2: Best for medium pilling like those found on cashmere, merino and finer wools. It also works great on fleece.
Edge #3: Revitalizes your summer knits, t-shirts, silk blends and ultra delicates by removing fine pills.
Did we mention that these are fully interchangeable with the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover?

Convenient Lint Brush: The Gleener On the Go is 2 clever products in one. The integrated lint brush picks up pesky pet hair in a flash, dusts away dandruff and can be used to beautifully finish any de-pilling job.

Travel-Friendly Design: This pint-sized fuzz remover is smaller than a glasses case and ready for travel. It fits in pockets, purses, glove compartments and carry-on luggage. It's also ingeniously designed to store the interchangeable edges inside, along with quick Gleening instructions. Bon voyage!

Ready When You Are: Battery-free and easily portable thanks to its compact design, you have all the tools necessary to save any favorite garment.

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