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Good Vibes Yarn Tour Route 66 Souvenir Purl Strings and Stitch Stoppers Set

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Purl Strings and Stitch Stoppers

These are some of our favorite tools. We thought you would enjoy them too!

Purl Strings - These flexible rubber hollow cords are perfect for trying on your knitting without removing it from your needles! The end of the cord squishes firmly over most size needles (we even managed to wedge it onto size US 15 needle tips!). After it is attached to your needle tip, simply slide stitches on to the flexible tubing so you can try your sweater on. When you are done, push all of the stitches back onto the needle and pull off the tubing.

Point Protectors - These cute bus-shaped point protectors will keep your knitting on your needles when you are on the road!

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