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Jill's "Little" Trunk Show

Around here, we all know that Jill knits like the wind. Maybe faster than the wind.

When Marie Greene's latest book arrived (Knit a Little), Jill was so inspired by the wee sweater offerings that she immediately cast on. First one, then two, then ... ten? 

I am not even exaggerating - Jill has now knit over 10 of the projects out of the book, and she's not done. We are lucky enough to have her finished projects on display here at the shop in our own version of a Knit A Little trunk show. Let's take a "little" tour (see what I did there?):

Boathouse Jr. in Fibra Natura Cottonwood

Pocketwatch and matching beanie in Ultra Wool Handpaint.

Clever Fox in Berroco Vintage Baby

Waterfall in Universal Wool Pop

 Jill also discovered some new needle magic in the Chiaogoo Shorties Interchangeable needles. She is so excited about how well these worked for small circumference knitting (even better than the fixed 12" circulars!), that she wanted to share with you all exactly why these needles are a game-changer for wee knitting. 


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  • I received my ChiaoGoo twist shorties and I’m happy with them . However is is possible to get longer cords for example , 24” for holding more stitches.

    Mary Stepanek

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