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awesome is here

awesome is here

TEAM AWESOME = Sarah, Jill, Julia, Laura & Ingrid

I can't remember if this piece of a cardboard box started it all, or the box was just a happy coincidence. But either way: 

this sums it up. 

While knitting together on a little get-away to wine country, we came up with the idea to design an afghan - each of us creating one square that would be knit multiple times in different colors. 

We wanted the overall design to be interesting and fun to knit, but accessible for all levels of knitters. 

We came home, picked out a palette from Berroco's incredible easy-care Vintage line, and set off to designing! 

None of us consulted each other along the way, but we each created a unique design that worked amazingly well with its counterparts. There really was no choice but to name this endeavor the Team Awesome Afghan

The beauty of knitting an afghan like this is each square is just a little "snack" - it feels totally do-able. Before you know it, you have enough for a complete blanket!

The Team Awesome Afghan calls for 3 skeins each of 5 colors of Berroco Vintage, and additional skein in the color you choose for your border (5 total colors, 16 skeins). Vintage offers such a wide palette that you can go hog-wild putting your color scheme together. 

Or - prefer we help? We've created 7 great colorways in grab-n-go bundles to make it easy (and the pattern is included with these bundles)!  


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