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Fireworks Big Reveal!

Fireworks Big Reveal!

This week we are FINALLY sharing photos of my TWO Fireworks 4-Day KAL samples in progress. This pullover yoked sweater is one of my new favorites. The texture pattern on the yoke keeps things fun and interesting. 

Designer Marie Greene's pattern notes call for a solid or tonal semi-solid yarn to best show off the texture, and that is what I have used for my first sample: 

Sarah's original Fireworks, knit in Universal Deluxe Tweed Superwash DK, color Denim. There is additional firework detailing (I love additional details!) along the sleeve and the sides - yay!

But, inspiration struck for sample #2 and I couldn't resist the temptation to see if my idea would work. When I swatched and found success, Fireworks #2 was born (drum roll, please): 

I could not stop thinking about trying to create my little "fireworks" with some gorgeous, multi-colored Malabrigo yarn. My first swatch sort-of worked, so I did some troubleshooting, figured out what needed to be done, and made it work. Et voila! Fireworks shooting across a darkened Summer night sky. (Background yarn was from some very old personal stash). 

So, here's the lowdown on what you need to know if you're thinking about letting your Fireworks off leash:

  • Malabrigo Caprino is absolutely stunning for this. It is a blend of merino wool and cashmere, and has perfectly wild colors for fireworks.
  • This modification is for intermediate-plus to advanced knitters only - if this is your first, or near-to-first sweater project, this is not the time to try out this mod. 
  • I will talk more about what I did to use two colors in a future video for those brave enough to try it. 
  • For all sizes 1 50g skein will suffice (I'm nearly certain). 

On to the fun part ... need some inspiration? We've paired up some great yarns for 2-color Fireworks:


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  • Can’t wait to get more details on your colorful hack!
    Knot Another Hat replied:
    Thanks Susi, stay tuned!

    Susi Willis
  • This is awesome! I want to do two now. Funny thing is I was wondering what two colors would look like and boom! Both of your sweaters are very pretty.
    Knot Another Hat replied:
    Thank you, Sandra!

    Sandra Bailey
  • Love the two color Fireworks. Retired so I have to watch my budge! Love the multicolor one in the top center of the choices. Can I use it with a deluxe universal superwash dk and what color would you suggest for background? Hope question makes sense. Thanks, Sally
    Knot Another Hat replied:
    _Hi Sally,

    The top center of the choices (if you mean in the first of the 3 sets of yarn pairings shown) is:

    Kelbourne Woolens Scout in color Charcoal Heather with Malabrigo Caprino in color Anniversario:

    The Universal Deluxe DK Tweed Superwash comes in a Charcoal; it’s a bit lighter than the Scout but I think it would look great with Anniversario and perhaps even provide better contrast for some of the darker shades of the multicolor:


    Sally ickes

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