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need some brioche KAL yarn ideas?

need some brioche KAL yarn ideas?

Here is a recap of the yarn combos Ingrid and I featured in our chat last Thursday. Each of these shows some possible yarn ideas for the projects we are featuring in our upcoming Fall Into Brioche KAL (click here for more details about the KAL.)

  1. “Hello Brioche Hat” from Brioche Knit Love by Michele Bernstein beginner brioche (must already know how to knit brioche)
  2. “Cuddle Me Brioche” cowl by Saturdayshopgirl
    beginner brioche friendly (comfortable knitting brioche) 
  3. “G & B Poncho” by Saturdayshopgirl (shown worn 3 ways above, center)
    beginner brioche friendly (comfortable knitting brioche)
  4. “Ring of Fire” cowl from Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant
    intermediate brioche
  5. “Seagull Flight Shawl” from Brioche Knit Love by Michele Bernstein
    intermediate brioche


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