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chiaogoo SWIV360 swivel interchangeable cords

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Silver in color, the next-generation SWIV360 cables have the same multi-strand steel cable and nylon components as the much-loved red and blue TWIST cables PLUS an added swivel feature! They are included with our new Special Limited Edition Forté™ and yellow Shorties [L] interchangeable sets. These cables are available in both [S] and [L] join sizes in nine different lengths!

Purchase Small [S] cords to attach to needle tips size US 2-8 (2.25-5.0mm) and purchase Large [L] cords to attach to needle tips size US 9 (5.5mm) and larger.

The 2" lengths can be used to extend a current cable if you need a little more space or to add the swivel action to your non-swivel red cable.  Three cables come in each package to give you the option to also make your own flexible double points.

The 5" lengths can be used as an extender to your current cable or with your 2″ (5 cm) [S] Shorties tips. 

The 6" lengths are best used with our 2″ (5 cm) or 3″ (8 cm) tips or as an extension for a current cable.

The 8" lengths are best used with 4″ (10 cm) or shorter tips.  They can also be used as an extender to a current cable. Lengths of 14"+ are great with the 4" or 5" tips. 

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