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5 yarns flying under your radar

5 yarns flying under your radar

Every local yarn store owner will tell you they have yarns on their shelves that customers just ignore. We don't know exactly why (after all, we don't buy yarns if we don't love them). But it just happens sometimes, and I'm here to tell you about the top 5 yarns on KAH shelves that are flying under your radar right now. 

1. Rowan Softyak DK

This DK weight yarn is a most-unusual blend of cotton and yak. These two fibers are actually similar in staple length, and therefore blend well together. The cotton lends a coolness to the hand of the yarn, and the yak brings in an extra level of softness, as well as a slight heather depth due to its natural brown color. Jill is almost finished with a new shop sample in Softyak DK - the Hilbre shawl takes just 5 balls. 


2. Manos Milo

Manos del Uruguay's Milo is one of my favorite yarns in the store. Another not-so-common fiber blend, Milo is made with wool and linen blended together into a single twist yarn. Milo likes to play a wide field - it satisfies gauges from sport to heavy DK. We loved how Ingrid used Milo in Venizia for her Tegna sweater

3. Berroco Mercado

Mercado seems to be ignored as a "workhorse" by those who want a higher-end yarn, but this 100% Peruvian wool bulky yarn should not be snubbed. If you love wool, you will love Mercado. It has a surprisingly soft hand, and will wear well for a long time. It also felts incredibly well. Jan says, "Everyone should own a pair of "Hold My Beer" mittens made from this yarn."

4. Malabrigo Susurro

I must have my eyes toward spring and summer with all the linen blends on this list! Malabrigo Susurro is one of these, and it is a blend of silk, merino wool, and linen. It absolutely shines. We love Erika C's Misurina knit in two close colors of Susurro: 

5. Berroco Cambria

Last, but not least, we have one last interesting fiber blend with Berroco Cambria. This yarn is comprised of alpaca and linen, so you get a touch of warmth from alpaca, but strength, sheen, and a different dye saturation from the linen. This is a great all-season yarn, or a yarn for those in more moderate climates. We received a beautiful sample from Berroco in Cambria: the Rhys cardigan. This cardigan would make a great Spring project!

We hope we've sparked an interest in these 5 yarns you are missing out on.

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  • What is the name of the hat pattern that Sarah is wearing in the tour of the shop on 2/14? Thanks.

    Kathie Malcher

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