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Can I tell you about the Good Vibes Yarn Tour?

Can I tell you about the Good Vibes Yarn Tour?

Back in 2020, in the middle of the shutdown, my good friends Cadence and Janet and I started getting together on Zoom. We are all local yarn store owners, and we were all missing the community of our "people" - the shoppers who make our stores so special. 

We knew there had to be a way to get our people together to do something fun. Not just sell them some yarn (though that, too! 😂), but to bring people together during that crazy time. 

We hatched up the idea for the Good Vibes Yarn Tour, and sold out first tour tickets in July. 

We named it "Good Vibes" because my-oh-my did we need some good vibes back then. 

But do you know what the really cool thing is? It turned in to something even greater than we could have imagined. 

Here we are, in Fall of 2023, and tickets for our SIXTH tour have just gone on sale. 

The GVYT is more than just a subscription box full of exclusive yarn, swag, goodies and snacks. It's more than just the zoom meetups with exclusive indie-dyer interviews. It has become an incredible community full of enthusiastic knitters who all reflect what brought us together in the first place: a love for fun, connection, yarn, and good times. 

Keep on rockin'! 

If you want to catch some of the good vibes, tickets to our Winter 2024 Tour: Knitting Getaways, are now on sale, and you can even check out right here without ever leaving our website. Dive in with us! 

PS: Not sure if the Good Vibes Yarn Tour is right for you? Take our one minute quiz and find out!
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