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GAAA (the Sequel)

GAAA (the Sequel)

When I first launched the virtual version of our Afghan Course, I decided to cast on and knit with my virtual students. I wanted to have each square done ahead of them, to refresh my memory (my previous GAAA was 12 years ago) and to make sure I was best preparing them for what lay ahead.

We start with Barbara Selesnick's square, which I dubbed the "heart" square. In my evaluation of all the square we are covering for class, this one is the easiest and presents the most basic cables, which means it is well-suited to those that will be cabling for the first time. 

I whipped this little guy up in about 3 1/2 hours - which means it is completely do-able in a day for most knitters. Of course, I don't use a cable needle to cable (if you want to lose the cable needle - check out my YouTube video), which speeds things up quite a bit. 

I used a wool-lover's wool for this round, and at first I was a little dubious. While knitting the cables, it felt more robust than I had anticipated. My finished square was .... let's say ... hearty. 

But oh, after blocking? 

This baby came out smoooooooth. I have zero sensitivity to wool, so I can use the "heartiest" of hearty yarns and not really notice. But even I was impressed with how absolutely lovely this yarn feels after blocking. And knowing that it has that good 'ole workhorse wool quality, I can be sure that this heirloom will last long enough to actually become an heirloom. 

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