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Do you need a vacSKEINation?

Do you need a vacSKEINation?

Do you need a shot in the arm of inspiration? Then boy do we have the Rx for you! 

Introducing vacSKEINations (remember Quaranskeins?): a fun yarn surprise that will arrive at your doorstep and give you the boost you need to make it until we're through this mess! 

This was loads of fun the first time around, and we figured everyone could use a little boost in moral to get us through the rest of Winter and Spring. 

Here is the catch..... you can tell us with ONE word something you like: a color, a fiber, a yarn weight, or anything else that comes to mind. Then, we will walk around the store and find you a yarny surprise to brighten your day.

You choose the dollar amount you are willing to spend. Then, we will find you your vacSKEINation mystery package. The contents will always be well thought out and the value will be very good for what you pay, guaranteed. We love that you trust us to pick for you; each mystery package will be chosen with love and care.

Start Inoculating Today!

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