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In Thanks

In Thanks

Happy day of thanks to all of you!

I think in last year's Thanksgiving letter I talked about "extraordinary times" and "making it through," as if the awful parts of the year were about to suddenly improve. Ha! Little did we know that 2021 was not going to look too much different than 2020.

But do you know what did not change? How awesome you are. How much you continued to support our (very) small business. How you still showed up for us every time we went live on Facebook. How you placed your orders and raved about what you received. How you supported each other in our groups, sharing tips and photos and just general cheerleading to keep each other lifted.

2021 may have been one long reprisal of 2020, but it felt like an amazing year here in the Knot Another Hat community, and that is thanks to you.

I love you all,


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